Submit a concept document for review as early in your Quest application development cycle as possible. This topic describes how to set up your development environment to build Oculus apps in Unity. It contains information about hardware and software requirements, setting up Oculus devices, and installing Unity Editor and other necessary tools. The following requirements are applicable to both, Oculus Rift and Oculus Rift S, unless otherwise stated:. For more information about detailed specifications, go to Oculus Rift and Oculus Rift S minimum requirements support page.

For detailed setup instructions and troubleshooting, go to Getting started with your Oculus Quest support page.

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For detailed setup instructions and troubleshooting, go to Getting started with your Oculus Go support page. For detailed setup instructions and troubleshooting, go to Getting started with your Oculus Rift and Getting started with Oculus Rift S support pages.

Unity Editor versions, whether free or professional, support Windows and Android development. The minimum supported Unity version for Oculus app development is We recommend using one of the following versions: For more information about Unity installation process, go to Installing Unity in Unity documentation.

Unity supports Android 4. The Unity Unity versions Adding Android module during Unity installation :. Adding Android tools to an existing Unity installation :. Click the three dots next to the Unity version to which you want to add Android tools and click Add Modules. To enable this option, install Unity through Hub.

Alternatively, you can install these tools manually as descrbed in the Fot Unity versions For detailed information, go to Android environment setup in Unity documentation. For Unity versions Note : Android Studio 3. In the expanded NDK Side by side list, select More questions? Take a look at our Unity developer forums!But then, as a developer, I felt the urge to understand how to develop my applications in Unity for the Oculus Quest.

And I guess that if you are a developer like me, you had my some thought.

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If you have already developed for other Oculus devices like Go or Rift, the good news is that the process is mostly the same. So, even if you are not developing for Oculus devices since a lot, you will need very little time to understand the basics of Quest development. I prepared for you a tutorial that covers the basics on how to get startedthat is:. UPDATE: I actually forgot to include in the video the part where you install the Android dev tools, that you can find at the point 2 of the textual tutorial here below.

And for the first time, I decided to make it in a video versionsince I know that most people like watching video-tutorials! Forgive me if the video is a bit rough, but it is my first one… and then I made it yesterday evening when I was really tired. If you, like me, like more textual guides, because you can skim them faster, let me provide you also a textual version of the main points highlighted in the video.

The first thing to do is unlocking the developer mode on your Quest. To do this, you should:. Anyway, the most important thing to do is installing Android Studio downloading it from its website.

Inside it, you can install the required SDKs for Android development. I suggest installing Android 4. If you want some help for all this process, have a read to this tutorial.

unity oculus quest

If you have not installed Unity, yet, get it directly on Unity website. If you are experimenting on your own, select that you want to try the personal editionthat you can use for free forever until you or your company make more than K every year. And in general, to have a version above the It must be a 3D project it should be the default option already. As the folder, pick the one that you prefer on your drive.

Keep in mind that Unity will create in this folder a subfolder with the name of the project that will contain all the elements of the project itself. Oculus has made things easier for developers recently: you can download the Oculus Plugin directly from inside Unity. The steps to do this are:. We will now create an amazing VR experience with a cube in front of you.

You will learn a lot from them. You can also read the official documentation of Oculus Quest development in Unity that you can find at this link. This tutorial is over and I hope that it has been useful for you to get started with Oculus Quest development in Unity. If it is the case, please share it with your peersand let me know in the comments or on my social media channels if you want me to make other Quest dev tutorials and what you would like to see.Start Course.

Your progress.

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Sign in to track your progress. Designed for people who have an intermediate knowledge of Unity, the goal of this course is to teach you how to design, develop, and deploy a VR application. Coached along the way by experts from Oculus and Unity, you'll build a vertical slice of an escape room game throughout the course.

Take your VR skills to the next level with this deep dive into the principles of VR development. What prerequisites do I need to take this course?

This course is designed for intermediate level developers with familiarity building in Unity, ideally with some VR experience too. What version of Unity do I need to complete the course? The course uses What Oculus hardware is recommended for the course? This course is focused on developing for Rift S, so we recommend using a Rift S, but the principles covered also apply to Oculus Quest.

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Topics we'll cover. Unit 4 - Locomotion and Ergonomics.

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Unit 5 - Hand Presence and Interaction. Unit 7 - Sound in VR. Unit 8 - Performance Requirements. Unit 9 - Optimizing VR Apps. Unit 11 - Go-To-Market Strategy.


Unit 12 - Submit Your Vertical Slice. Privacy Policy. Language: English.Once the app is installed, turn on your Quest. If you already have one, you can move to the next step! Download Android Studio from their website.

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When installing Unity, make sure you install the Android Build Support with it. Oculus tries what it can to make building for its devices easy on the developers. The Oculus plugin is compatible for the Quest and all other Oculus devices. Your Unity project may ask if you want to update the Oculus Plugin Utilities. Sit back and relax while your computer does its thing.

If this is the case, the Input Handlers are automatically installed. The Build Settings window appears. We want to start from scratch. This may take a minute or two. This opens another window on the far right off the screen. Note: Some users get an error at this point. Head over to your Hierarchy on the left hand side. On the right hand side is your Inspector. When selecting your new Sphere, head to the Inspector and set the scale of your sphere to 0.

Right-click in the Inspector to add a Tracked Pose Driver component to the sphere. Add another component, this time a Rigid Body Component to your sphere. Next, set the position of your Main Camera and spheres to 0, 0, 0 in the Inspector. Save your scene by going to your top menu, hovering over File and selecting Save. Put on the Quest and enable USB debugging for this computer. Alternatively you can go to the top of the Unity menu, select Oculus, and access Build and Run from there.

You can now disconnect the Quest from your computer and launch the project. To find your project while wearing the Oculus Quest, go to your Libraries on the left-hand menu, select Unknown Sources, and your project should be listed there. Building for the Oculus Quest is an ambitious endeavour, good job! Check out our programming guide for tips, advice, and resources to developing a VR app. Download our syllabus to learn more about what we can teach you!

Back to News. Facebook Linkedin Twitter. Start developing in Unity for your Oculus Quest with this step setup.My students and I have been very active in creating projects for VR over the past few years. With the availability of the Oculus Go and Oculus Questthe steps have increased but can still be done easily if you know the correct procedures.

In this tutorial, we will do a full walkthrough of configuring your Unity project for the Oculus Quest or Go and how to publish. If you prefer a video tutorial, scroll to the bottom! We created a game environment of our classroom building as a way to promote our top-ranked Game Design program. The project was initially designed to be deployed to a mobile device.

Everything worked great on the mobile, so we then added the Oculus tools to Unity and reconfigured to deploy to Oculus Quest and Oculus Go. In this walkthrough, I am deploying from a MacBook Pro.

unity oculus quest

Everything works the same when deploying from Windows. This is task must be completed on the phone or tablet that is associated with your Oculus Quest or Go. After several attempts to connect to the Quest, I check the setting again and found that it was off. Once I changed developer mode back to on, it connected to the laptop without a problem. Step 1A: Connect to your Quest or Go with your phone or tablet. Select … More Settings. You should now be able to connect your quest or go device to your laptop or desktop system with a USB cord.

You will be asked on the VR device to approve the connection. This can be accomplished by installing Android Studio. Once you are in the Settings window, select Android 4. To ensure proper installation, I recommend launching Unity Hub in Administrator mode right-click on the app and choose Run as Administrator.

This seems to ensure that the needed Android files are installed correctly. If you are upgrading a project which is what I am doingyou will need to add the Android module to the build of Unity if it is not already installed. If you are converting an existing project to Android, this may take some time as Unity converts the project. Make sure you have added the Scene to the Scenes in Build.

Scroll down to Other Settings. Under Identification, type in the Package Name using reverse Java notation com. Click the checkbox on for Virtual Reality Supported.

Then select V2 Signing Quest. Before you get busy building your scene, we recommend adding the Oculus Controller to the Hierarchy of your project. Oculus updates this asset regularly, so make sure you are using the latest version. Drag it into your Hierarchy.Discussion in ' VR ' started by WattosanApr 6, Search Unity. Log in Create a Unity ID.

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unity oculus quest

Come level up your Unity skills and knowledge. Unity Joined: Mar 22, Posts: Hello, What would be the correct way to make a Unity project Should I create a separate project for both cases, as one is Android and the other is Windows?

Should I swap between them when creating builds? Since I am on Can I have both in the project at the same time without any issues?

How would I handle input for different platforms? Thank you!

Our first all-in-one gaming headset.

WattosanApr 6, WattosanApr 9, at PM. Joined: Jan 28, Posts: The code was first spotted by developers at Bentham Realities a few weeks ago while working on their upcoming title Hermetika VR.

unity oculus quest

UploadVR searched through past versions of the Platform SDK and determined that these additions were made in version 1. Colocation means having multiple Oculus Quests sharing the same playspace. Since the launch of Quest, we have focused on delivering a great consumer VR experience and have nothing new to share around co-location features at this time.

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Inside-out tracking generates a point cloud of static features in the room. Machine learning algorithms can find shared unique patterns in the point clouds of multiple devices and thus align the virtual spaces.

The process requires no external sensors, base stations, or specific markers. Ideally, if two members of a household each own an Oculus Quest, developers could allow them to quickly enter a LAN same-space multiplayer session. For location-based VR experiences that take place over a large space already like at a VR arcade, a colocation API for Quest could bring down the cost significantly. An OptiTrack setup for these locations requires tens of thousands of dollars of cameras too.

This includes leaderboards, achievements, cloud storage, matchmaking, and more. What kind of games would you want to play in a shared playspace? Let us know in the comments below. He comes from a Software Engineering background, but now writes for UploadVR, primarily about the technology behind VR hardware and software.

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